Burnout City

Ugh, my last post was March 2017!

Clearly I’m not great at this blogging thing, and though I love to write, I’ve really been struggling with my career path. There’s been a lot of anxiety about working the same position forever with not much chance of progressing, which is what I’m discovering working in the wholesale fashion industry. There are so many small companies out there that don’t pay well or don’t give much opportunity for advancement, and really, that’s what I’m looking for. I love what I do, I love photography, planning and directing shoots, working with models and other creatives, but working a full time position doing it is really draining.

The majority of the work is e-commerce. The same thing over and over and over. And I get it, especially for a company that sells clothing, obviously this is what they need to make money. But really, as much as I don’t like being that pretentious, “god complex” photographer… that kind of work is below my skill level at this point. I’m all for campaigns, but that’s such a small part of the job. Especially these days, pretty much all companies want or need each employee to do a number of tasks that don’t even relate to their job title. It’s frustrating and makes it really hard to enjoy the work.

All this being said, going freelance has its own issues. Most of which involves an extremely competitive field and without steady clients, it’s really difficult to make a living. So here I am looking for something creative and steady that pays a liveable wage, (seemingly impossible these days), possibly a company that offers benefits, which I’ve never had, or at least a really great work environment. I’d even be willing to shoot some product as long as it’s not clothing….jewelry maybe? I’ll have to update my portfolio for that…

The goal in the end is somewhere along the lines of Art Director. But here’s the thing, most companies want experienced Art Directors, with like 10 years under their belt. I’ve done all the work an Art Director does, I’ve just never had that direct title. I’ve never even worked at a company that was big enough to HAVE an Art Director that I could learn from or be promoted to. So for the last 2 years, I’ve just been stuck in this rut, wanting to progress but not really having the opportunity to do so.


Anyway, enough of my venting… here’s some of my latest work. I’m sure most people who actually read my blog have already seen it, but oh well.


{For more of my work, visit my Instagram}


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